Angela 'ARNie' Grabowski- HIT organizer

ARNie has been online since 1999, promoting crochet through a variety of online communities, message boards, her site and blogs. She has taught crochet and Tunisian Crochet locally through Angelo State University's Extended Studies Department for several years.

Her site, has over 100 pages of information, stitches, tutorials, and free project patterns on classic crochet, and Tunisian Crochet.

Her blog,, contains tutorials, editorials and a few free project patterns. She discusses her journey in self publishing, making money at craft and art shows, her theories of teaching crochet to a modern stitcher, and more.

ARNie is the author of Encyclopedia of Tunisian Crochet, and has sold copies world wide. She also has a couple dozen smaller booklets. She is working on the remaining 8 volumes of the Encyclopedia of Tunisian Crochet, as well as, a similar series of books on classic crochet Corner to Corner stitch.

ARNie's crochet books are all available for purchase through her site and several retail shops in the states, England and Australia.

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