Hooks in Texas 2011

Here are the details for this year's Hooks In Texas Crochet Conference. As I finalize these plans, I will post updates to this blog and contact the Texas CGOA Chapter Presidents

October 21 -23 2011
San Angelo, TX

I'm excited to announce that we have a new meeting place! We have reserved the entire building of Santa Fe Crossing, the local Senior Citizen's Center. Although it has stairs into the building, it also has a wheel chair ramp.
All of Saturday's classes, and activities will be in this building, and we will be the only people in the building.
I will post photos of Santa Fe Crossing in the future.

Friday: I'm working on a new Field Trip, but haven't finalized plans, yet.
Friday Night Meet and Greet at Mesquite Bean Cafe for a Buffet dinner including: Beef Tips with sauteed mushrooms, onions & au jus, Fried Chicken, Corn, Green Beans, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Macaroni and Cheese.
We will be the only folks in the cafe that night; cost is $12 per person, plus tax.

2 Classes in the Morning- TBA
2 Classes in the Afternoon- TBA
A yarn shopping time in the afternoon with local yarn merchants.
Sorry, but there isn't time or space this year for a full vendor's room, but I'm still hoping we can do this at a future conference.

Sunday has no definitive plans, yet.

Teachers: Vannessa Emmons is returning to teach a crochet class; ARNie will teach another Corner to Corner/Crazy Block variation; Kim Guzman is returning to teach two more classes, but she is finalizing her lessons plans at this time.

Lunch Saturday will include a buffet of finger foods: vegetable and fruit trays, cheese ball trays, chips, cookies, salad greens. There will be roast beef, turkey and ham sandwiches, plus chicken & ham salad sanwiches and pimento cheese sandwiches. Saturday Lunch is included in the Registration Fees.

Tea, Coffee and bottled water will be provided all day- free of charge, but there are soda machines in the building.

Registration Fee is the same as last year: $40, and includes Lunch Saturday, but no class fees.
Class Fees are the same as last year: $10 per person, per class, but class fees are not included in the Registration fee.
This means all of your class fees are extra this year, but for most folks, this will increase your fees by only $10 over last year. I'm hoping the vast improvement of the building and class rooms is worth that extra $10.

Deadlines and Payments:
Like last year, please bring your payments with you to the conference, and individuals will be responsible for bringing their payments. The CGOA Presidents will not be collecting the payments from their chapters.
Money Orders and Cash only, NO personal checks, please. With us in a building by ourselves, I won't mind bringing a cash box this year, for those folks who prefer to pay with cash.

Please let your CGOA Chapter president know if you want to come, and if you are interested in Friday's Buffet Dinner.

OR, you can contact ARNie personally at XXhooksintexas@XXchezcrochet.comXX
(Remove the XXs.)

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