Diagonal Magic- Angela 'ARNie' Grabowski

Wonders of the Corner to Corner Stitch- Angela ‘ARNie’ Grabowski
Saturday 1 pm- 3 pm in the Banquet Hall
(Locations of classes may changed depending on enrollment)

Class Fee: $10

Skill Level: Beginner--Student should be comfortable with double crochet.

This class is standard crochet, not Tunisian Crochet.

Angela ‘ARNie’ Grabowski is better known for her work in Tunisian Crochet, but a close second in her heart is the Corner to Corner stitch. ARNie has developed a variety of techniques using the basic mechanics of Corner to Corner.

Corner to Corner has many names, including Crazy Blocks. Based on ‘clusters’ of Double crochet worked into Chain 2 Spaces, this stitch is fast to learn and easy to master.

In this two hour class, participants will get their choice of two tutorial booklets from ARNie’s unique methods that include: scallops on the edge, work from the center out and connecting panels of DM as you stitch.

Supplies Needed:
Yarn- student’s choice in weight and fiber content. For the class, medium colored yarn or pastels is suggested due to the lighting of the room. Scraps would be perfect for these techniques.
A standard crochet hook in the appropriate size for the chosen yarn

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