Presented by the Wool and Cotton Shop
Saturday 1 pm-3:30 pm in the Conference Room
Locations of classes may change depending on enrollment.
No Class Fee

For many of us in isolated areas of Texas, we simply didn’t have access to top quality yarns to use with our crochet. We grew up with cheap acrylics and simply learned to accept their weaknesses.

Vanessa Emmons will share a variety of fiber products from Judith Lester’s Wool 'N' Cotton Shop, giving us an opportunity to see beautiful and affordable yarns and threads for our crochet projects.

Since these types of yarns are more commonly knitted, Judith and Vanessa will provide crocheted samples to illustrate how lovely our needlework looks with these amazing fibers.

A selection of these wonderful yarns and fibers will also be available for purchase during a 30-minute break following the Diagonal Magic class.

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