Friday Dinner Update

I sent out a mass email, but over the weekend it has come to my attention that some folks didn't get that email.

The Mesquite Bean Grill would have to charge us for 50 people, regardless of the number of people, and that was going to add $2-4 extra, per person. I didn't want to add to the financial burden of those from out of town, so I switched resturants.

We will be eating at RJ's Barbeque and Catering on 1405 North Bryant. This is just a few blocks from Inn of the Conchos, the location of last year's Hooks In Texas.

The Map is Here.

I will be at RJ's at 6pm for those who want to Register early, but our reservations are for 6:30pm.

You can order from the menu, but RJ's sells out of certain menu items, so I ordered extra Brisket and Ribs for our group.

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