Maps for San Angelo Inn

Well, there were a few of you who were going to try the San Angelo Inn, on Rio Concho Street.

It should have been an easy drive from this hotel to the conference hall... that is... until the city decided to replace/repair the only bridge on that street for miles.

Luckily, there is a back door to this hotel, and our conference hall.

Here is a Map from San Angelo Inn to Santa Fe Crossing.

The street you turn off Rio Concho, is Surber.


  1. Dear Shirley. Thanks or visiting. Happy to hear you like my daisy squares as well as my shell stitch blanket. :D

    Most of my crochet creations are described in UK terms and that could of course get a bit confusing when you are used to US terms. So this is how I edged my shell stitch blanket:

    At the short ends I made a wide edging by crocheting one row of double crochet in brown followed by one row double crochet (DC) in white etc. Six changes of colors in total. Then I finished the blanket off by crocheting one row of double crochet (DC) all around the blanket. Made tassels in every corner to finish it off. Good luck. Annette

  2. Hi again. I now realize that it was another lady asking for the edging description. Ha ha ha! Her name is Stacey but also "all the way from Texas USA" so I guess I mixed it up. Sorry. But still very happy to have you visiting! Have a lovely day. Annette