I Cord Methods and Machines

I Cord is a method of making a stronger ‘cord’ than just ‘string or twine.’ In ancient history, they would use this cord to tie anything, sew it onto their clothing as decoration, or use it to keep their clothing ‘closed.’

I wanted folks to see ALL of the things you will learn in this class, and you will be given an opportunity to work with each of these tools to get a feel for them.

Bond America Embellish Knit
With this machine, you can create yards and yards of I Cord in just minutes.

Clover Wonder Knitter
Since this is more hands on, you can add beads to your work as you stitch. This also lets you use those big chunky yarns to make big chunky cords.

Peg Knitters/Knitting Nancy’s
I will have several different Peg Knitters for you to try, including The Crochet Dude’s newest addition to this ancient tool.

Lucet is an ancient forked tool that has been found in Viking and other medieval archeological digs.

How to make I Cord with 2 Crochet hooks (or two double pointed knitting needles)

I’ve seen this on YouTube, but she used only one hook, and you had to remove the loops from the hook to work each round. We all know if you remove the loops from your hook/needle you risk losing a loop while working the rest. I’ve modified the technique, so that those loops never leave the hook/needle.

To finish up the class, we will look at what to do with this I Cord once you made it!

Such as running a second yarn or ribbon down the middle...

Pulling the cord over beaded garland

Or treating the I Cord like any other ‘string.’

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