Hooks in Texas! 2012- Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions and Fees
Drop Spindle Spinning: Mary Page is back to explain and demonstrate the entire process of taking raw wool and turning it into yarn - by hand.  You will learn about yarn weights, different types of fibers, and hands on use of a Drop Spindle.
Class Fee: $10
Supply fee is $10 for roving.
If you don’t have a drop spindle, Mary will have kits, that take only a few minutes to assemble. 
You can purchase these from her before class for $5.

Crocheting with Roving: Vanessa Emmons, local alpaca rancher, is offering a class on how to crochet from Roving, which is unspun fiber.   Yes, wool roving can be utilized to make items like hats and scarves. No skills are needed other than basic crochet stitches. These techniques will transfer well to the commercially prepared yarns that are ‘unspun.’
Class Fee: $10
Supply Fee: TBA, $10-$15, based on the market, and you will pay this at the conference.

I Cord Methods and Machines: ARNie is offering an interactive class on the numerous methods and tools that can be used to make I Cord, plus tips and tricks in using Caron’s Embellish Knit, a variety of Peg Knitter/Spool Knitters, and Clover’s Wonder Knitter.  Students will get the opportunity to work with all these ‘gadgets’; in a Try before You Buy opportunity. 
Also included in this class is two different I Cord methods: using Two Crochet Hooks (or dpns, if you prefer) and with an ancient tool known as a Lucet.
Students should bring several balls of scrap yarn, and two hooks the same size, or two double pointed knitting needles. 
Lucets will be available as loaners and to purchase.
Class Fee: $10

Knooking: How to Knit with a Crochet Hook.  Kim will teach how to use this specially-designed crochet hook that creates a knitted fabric. Take your crochet skills to a new level by learning to knit using a tool we are more familiar with.
A scarf pattern is provided.
Class Fee: $10
Supply Fee: TBA- $5 - $10   We are negotiating with the company to provide the Knooking Kit at a reduced price, and will be available to purchase at the conference. 
Students should bring one skein worsted weight yarn.

Learn to Read Tunisian Crochet Symbols: With the interest in symbols, especially with the many available books from Japan, Kim will teach students how to read and use the symbols like a pro.
Kim's Symbol Directory and a free pattern to get you started will be provided.
Bring one skein of yarn, and an appropriate sized Tunisian Crochet Hook
(Loaner hooks will be available.)
Class Fee: $10

Reversible Ripples: Kim will teach some classic crochet techniques that create beautiful unique projects with patterning on one side and a traditional ripple on the other.  Add to your stitch mastery for those charitable projects or holiday gifts.  A free pattern provided.
Bring scrap yarn and an appropriate sized crochet hook.
Class Fee: $10 
Stone Soup Scrap Scarf:
Cyndye Scott Batchelor has a crochet pattern that fits the Traditional story well.  Students should bring scrap balls of yarn to put into the pot, and everyone will draw from this pot to crochet their Scarf.  This is an exploration of yarn and texture, so don’t be limited to typical yarns like Red Heart or Simply Soft.  Bring those balls of novelty and textured yarn to add more depth and flavor to your Stone Soup Scarf.
Students should bring several balls of scrap yarn with different textures and weights and an I hook.
Class Fee: $10
Stone Soup, is the story of a traveler who was hungry, but no one in the village would share a meal with him.  He built a fire, set up his pot and dropped rocks and water inside.  When folks asked, he replied, I’m making Stone Soup, but a carrot, potato, onion, and a bit of meat would make it much better, oh even a clove of garlic, some basil, oregano, rosemary... those would add more flavor, too.  Everyone brought something from their cupboard to put inside the pot, and they all enjoyed a wonderful bowl of soup.

Kumihimo: Judy Voce, from Abilene, is a newcomer to our conference and we are excited that she has another way for us to use up our stash.  She will be teaching this Japanese art of Braiding, and students will make a bracelet in class. All supplies are provided by Yarnies, the LYS in Abilene.
$10 supply Fee- includes yarn and the braiding template card.
Class Fee: $10 

Lace: Intimidating, But Not Difficult.  ARNie will offer a brief presentation on making lace shawls with ease, that look stunning, but are so easy to create.  This presentation is free of charge, so bring paper and pencil to take notes. 
Class Fee: Free