Registration, Fees, Deadlines

Registration Fee is $40.00.
This year, the Deadline is: August 31, 2012.

CGOA Chapter Members:
  • All fees must be a Money Order payable to Angela Grabowski, or cash.
  • Personal Checks are not accepted.
  • Reservation Deadline is August 31, 2012. You must let the Hooks In Texas directors know your class choices, either send an email, or leave a message at the Facebook Page
  • This Reservation Fee HAS BEEN SUSPENDED.
  • All individuals will be responsible for bringing their fee payments with them to the conference.
  • As always, we will not turn anyone away who misses any deadlines, but we can't promise what class spots will be available.  
  • Please send an email to: mailto:XXHooksInTx@yahoo.comXX
  • (Remove the XXs) 
  • Be sure to include the classes you want to take in your email, and if you will be joining us for dinner on Friday night AND/OR the Buffet Saturday night.
  • HIT Directors will send a confirmation email with your total fees; bring your payment with you to the conference in a money order or cash.  No personal checks, please.
The Registration Fee will cover:
  • Rental Fees the class rooms and hospitality room.  We have the entire banquet hall to ourselves.
  • Lunch on Saturday
  • Coffee, Tea, Soda and Filtered Water all day
  • An afternoon snack
  • Conference materials and folders
Class Fees:
For 2012- the Class Fees are $5 per person, per hour.  
For most of our classes, that comes to $10 per class.

Supply Fees:
Any Supply Fee listed, is not included in the Class Fee, and is a separate fee.  We try to keep these supply fees to $10, which would bring the total to $20- for a 2 hour class and the supplies.