Hooks In Texas 2012- CANCELLED

It was such a rewarding year working on Hooks In Texas. I had 3 volunteers to help me with the work load of taking our conference to the next level: a hotel- so everything was in one building; a vendor’s room; more classes, and a People’s Choice contest- with nice prizes. We were all excited at how this was shaping up to be an amazing weekend.

The Transition Phase of the hotel changing owners wreaked havoc with our efforts: changing dates, elements of our contracts couldn’t be honored, delays upon delays upon delays... and of course, my health. Then, our last visit to the hotel brought new revelations- the renovations and retro-fits, were moving much slower than anticipated.

Our registration deadlines have passed, we don’t have enough people to cover the larger expenses of being in the hotel. We’ve run the numbers, discussed options to trim our costs, but words cannot express my trepidations over those incomplete renovations- with our conference so close at hand.

It is with a heavy heart, that I’m canceling this year’s Hooks In Texas.

There are just too many things working against us this year: health problems (including family) for many of our ladies across the state- I wasn't the only one. Scheduling conflicts with the new date, and larger conferences that same weekend. Everyone is struggling with the economy, even the larger needlework conferences have significant decreases in their attendees. As the days have progressed, I see national uncertainty over the looming election... and here locally, my uncertainty of those incomplete renovations at the hotel.

I want to thank the ladies who helped me: Beverly Wildes, Kim Guzman, and Cyndye Scott Batchelor, their efforts have been invaluable this year.

And to answer your question before asked: We are NOT giving up. We are regrouping; building on what we accomplished this year, and learning from the pitfalls. We have a whole year to make Hooks In Texas 2013, something to look forward to.

Angela 'ARNie' Grabowski
Director of Hooks In Texas

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