Hooks In Texas UPDATE

heavy sigh... I can't delay this announcement any longer. I've waited as long as possible, in hopes that situations would improve... but they haven't.

I was in the hospital a few weeks ago, for an intestinal AND a kidney infection... and the intestinal infection has flared up again.

I had tests scheduled when I left the hospital, and this second round of infection is going to delay those... and has created the need for more tests... which will stretch into the fall.

I am having to admit, that I'm not healthy enough to do Hooks in Texas in October. And my three helpers have their own health and family concerns, which was going to make it a real challenge for them to be here in October.

So, we've elected to just POSTPONE Hooks In Texas, to sometime early next year. I am hammering out the final details and will make further announcements in the next couple of weeks.

Director of Hooks In Texas

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