Welcome! To Hooks In Texas!

This is the easiest way for me to keep folks informed on the State Wide Crochet Conference in San Angelo October 15-17, 2010.

Hooks In Texas! is a Crochet Conference open to all crocheters. If you Crochet, this conference will offer tours, presentations, private shopping at a local yarn store, and classes on standard crochet, Tunisian Crochet, and spinning.

Members of the Crochet Guild of America and their Texas Chapters will be there to share their experiences with those who have never been a member of the CGOA. They will also offer guidance on how to join or start a chapter of CGOA.

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Angela 'ARNie' Grabowski- HIT organizer

ARNie has been online since 1999, promoting crochet through a variety of online communities, message boards, her site and blogs. She has taught crochet and Tunisian Crochet locally through Angelo State University's Extended Studies Department for several years.

Her site, ChezCrochet.com has over 100 pages of information, stitches, tutorials, and free project patterns on classic crochet, and Tunisian Crochet.

Her blog, CrochetCoalition.blogspot.com, contains tutorials, editorials and a few free project patterns. She discusses her journey in self publishing, making money at craft and art shows, her theories of teaching crochet to a modern stitcher, and more.

ARNie is the author of Encyclopedia of Tunisian Crochet, and has sold copies world wide. She also has a couple dozen smaller booklets. She is working on the remaining 8 volumes of the Encyclopedia of Tunisian Crochet, as well as, a similar series of books on classic crochet Corner to Corner stitch.

ARNie's crochet books are all available for purchase through her site and several retail shops in the states, England and Australia.

Tunisian Crochet Basics and Short Row Scarf- Kim & ARNie

Saturday 3:30 pm - 6 pm in the Banquet Hall
(Locations of classes may change depending on enrollment.)

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Class fee: $10 (in addition to Registration fee)

ARNie will start this session teaching students the basics of Tunisian Crochet- including the two stitches used in Kim Guzman’s scarf. Then Kim Guzman will take over and teach students two Short Row techniques. This is a favorite of Kim's online classes.

Self-striping yarn and Tunisian crochet join together for the perfect combination of color and texture in this Tunisian Short Row Scarf.

Tunisian Short Rows, just like in knitting, create wedges. The scarf is made using two different stitches and two different short row techniques. Once learned, the pattern is easily adaptable to make a project any size you like.

Kim designed this scarf to avoid the annoying curl so often associated with Tunisian crochet, and the technique is perfectly adaptable to any yarn.

Instructional materials and pattern are included in class fee.

Supplies Needed:
Yarn- student’s choice in weight and fiber content. For the class, medium colored yarn or pastels is suggested due to the lighting of the room. Although, designed with variegated/self striping yarn, participants are encouraged to use a solid colored yarn during the class.
An afghan or long hook that is 2 or 3 sizes larger than what the chosen yarn label recommends.
For most of us in Texas, our hook choices are few and far between. ARNie suggests looking at Sport or Baby Weight yarn and a J or K (6-6.5mm) hook, since these sizes of hooks are more readily available.

The scarf shown is made with 3 balls (575 yards) of Crystal Palace Mini Mochi in colorway 113. It is a fine weight yarn. Kim used a size J afghan hook for the main pattern and an F crochet hook for the trim.

Diagonal Magic- Angela 'ARNie' Grabowski

Wonders of the Corner to Corner Stitch- Angela ‘ARNie’ Grabowski
Saturday 1 pm- 3 pm in the Banquet Hall
(Locations of classes may changed depending on enrollment)

Class Fee: $10

Skill Level: Beginner--Student should be comfortable with double crochet.

This class is standard crochet, not Tunisian Crochet.

Angela ‘ARNie’ Grabowski is better known for her work in Tunisian Crochet, but a close second in her heart is the Corner to Corner stitch. ARNie has developed a variety of techniques using the basic mechanics of Corner to Corner.

Corner to Corner has many names, including Crazy Blocks. Based on ‘clusters’ of Double crochet worked into Chain 2 Spaces, this stitch is fast to learn and easy to master.

In this two hour class, participants will get their choice of two tutorial booklets from ARNie’s unique methods that include: scallops on the edge, work from the center out and connecting panels of DM as you stitch.

Supplies Needed:
Yarn- student’s choice in weight and fiber content. For the class, medium colored yarn or pastels is suggested due to the lighting of the room. Scraps would be perfect for these techniques.
A standard crochet hook in the appropriate size for the chosen yarn


Presented by the Wool and Cotton Shop
Saturday 1 pm-3:30 pm in the Conference Room
Locations of classes may change depending on enrollment.
No Class Fee

For many of us in isolated areas of Texas, we simply didn’t have access to top quality yarns to use with our crochet. We grew up with cheap acrylics and simply learned to accept their weaknesses.

Vanessa Emmons will share a variety of fiber products from Judith Lester’s Wool 'N' Cotton Shop, giving us an opportunity to see beautiful and affordable yarns and threads for our crochet projects.

Since these types of yarns are more commonly knitted, Judith and Vanessa will provide crocheted samples to illustrate how lovely our needlework looks with these amazing fibers.

A selection of these wonderful yarns and fibers will also be available for purchase during a 30-minute break following the Diagonal Magic class.

Drop Stitch Ripple -Kim Guzman

Saturday 9am-11am in the Banquet Hall

(Locations of classes may change depending on enrollment.)

Skill Level: Beginner--Student should be comfortable with single crochet.

Class fee: $10.00 (in addition to Registration Fee)

This class is standard Crochet, not Tunisian Crochet.


Developed by Kim Guzman, this broomstick lace variation is quick, easy and fun! In the class, participants will start a shawl or scarf with this lovely technique.

The complete pattern to make the shawl- with the alterations for a scarf- are included in the class fee.

Supplies Needed:

2 skeins Caron Simply Soft yarn, or approximately 630 yards of a comparable soft worsted weight or yarn of your choice

G crochet hook

Small yarn needle

Size 50 broomstick lace pin (needle); size 35 or 50 knitting needle can also be used
The project photos are used with permission from student, Karen Drouin, after taking this class.
Yarn used in her project is Schoeller+Stahl Morea, a sport weight wool/microfiber blend.


Presented by Vanessa Emmons & Mary Page
9am to 11am in the Conference Room
Locations of classes may change depending on enrollment.

Class fee: $10

Vanessa Emmons is a San Angelo area Alpaca rancher, spinner, and designer. She and her husband are in the process of building a woolen mill to process yarns from locally raised fibers.

Vanessa and Mary Page (another area spinner) will explain and demonstrate the entire process of taking raw wool and turning it into yarn - by hand.

In the second half of this 2-hour session, participants have the opportunity for hands-on experience with spinning roving with drop spindles- that are included in the class price.

Participants will also learn how to wind yarn into a center pull skein.

Guest Designer HIT 2010- Kim Guzman

Kim Guzman has been designing crochet for 28 years and her designs have been featured in Crochet Fantasy, Crochet with Heart, Annie's Crochet to Go!, and she recently wrote a history of Cro-Hook Crochet for Interweave Crochet (summer 2010.)

She has also had designs published in leaflets from Leisure Arts, Aleene's Creative Living, and Annie's Attic. You can also see her designs at yarn company websites such as Caron and Coats and Clark (Red Heart.)

Kim has a solid online presences which includes her website CrochetKim.com (since 1998), along with her Blog (WIPS and Chains) & her retail site, KimaneDesigns.com.

She teaches online classes at Crochetville.com, and other online sites.

She owns a group at Ravelry & Yahoo, and co-owns the 'tunisiancrochet' Yahoo group with Angela ‘ARNie’ Grabowski.

Kim has been a member of the CGOA for several years.